Character Development

Anyone can memorize lines, right? What separates you from another actor is specificity of character. So let's dig in and cover all the different ways "into" character and different techniques to the fully-realized PERSON you are inhabiting.

What Will Be Covered:

Character development is the process of building a unique, three-dimensional character with depth, personality, and clear motivations. Alyshia will review how to build a character from an initial read into weeks of preparation. This will be a three week cycle-meaning students will work on the same character and set of sides each week. Audition sides provided. Live Sessions will be held Mondays from 11a to 1p (PDT) starting November 9.

  • WEEK 1: Self-tape auditions are submitted and we will showcase ALL students' tapes with notes specifically on character.

  • WEEK 2: Character development discussion with Alyshia covering different strategies, techniques, and tips (developing backstory, research, inner life, beliefs systems, etc).

  • WEEK 3: Callback on self-tape auditions with the same character from the first week incorporating all the strategies from week 2. ALL students' tapes will be reviewed with more notes specifically on character.

  • Sessions will be recorded and sent to all students. Students will have access to the playback for the duration of the course and two weeks after.

What You Will Get:

  • Feedback, strategy and different techniques for developing a specificity of character.

  • Get inspiration from other students' self-tapes and character ideas.

  • Build your confidence with execution of developing content through character development.

  • Private discussion group for students to post their tapes each week and create a community with other students.

  • Downloadable resource guide with all of the tools covered in the course for you to use during your future audition prep.

Your Instructors

Alyshia Ochse

Actor, Author & Podcaster

Alyshia Ochse hosts an honest, humorous and inspirational podcast, THAT ONE AUDITION. These days, Alyshia is best known as “Lucy” opposite Academy Award Winner, Matthew McConaughey, from the critically-acclaimed and Golden Globe nominated TRUE DETECTIVE, as well as her previous roles in Satisfaction, How I Met Your Mother, Hart of Dixie, and General Hospital. Alyshia’s other credits include roles in such movies as The Other Woman, Parker, and Marauders. Currently, Alyshia is recurring on the highly anticipated Quibi's must-watch series with a poignant message #FREERAYSHAWN ​with Laurence Fishburne.